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The Asheboro Open 93

Saturday September 13, 2014



Thanks to all who played in the Asheboro Open 92!  Twenty-three competitors from across North Carolina gathered to compete for $490.00 in cash prizes.  In the Championship Section, a statistically unlikely result occurred with NM Patrick Sciacca and Expert Josh Lawson tying for first place with three wins each.  Each earned a $105.00 prize for their effort.  Scholastic sharpshooter Neo Zhu had a great tournament, finishing with 2.0 and earning the $35.00 Class Prize.  Congratulations to all!

The Candidates Section belonged to Greensboro with John Retarides and Derek Chen drawing in the last round and finishing with 2.5 to earn $105.00 in cash each.  Dr. Walter High was on the money with 2.0 to capture the $35.00 Class Prize.  That's a lot of Diet Coke!  LOL. 

The Asheboro Open has had a good run at Randolph Mall, but I'm currently looking into a LARGER facility.  If all goes according to plan, we may be able to start next year in a brand new building with much more space and less ambient noise.  Stay tuned for more information. 

We appreciate your continued support.  Click "The Asheboro Open" link below for more info!  Credit or Debit Cards welcome with pre-registration!  Satisfaction guaranteed, or double your fun back!


The Quick Study & The Ricochet  


Our upcoming Ricochet tournaments will be September 16, October 7, November 18, and December 9 2014.  Five rounds of G/8 3sec delay.  Entry fee is just $2.00 for adults, $1.00 for 18 or under.  Congratulations to our current Champion Josh Lawson!  This tournament is a lot of fun if you enjoy a quick pace and exciting finishes!  Round one is a 7pm; arrive by 6:45pm or call in advance to be paired.

The Quick Study Chess Tournament series is also currently underway in Asheboro.  We enjoy looking forward to a rated game each week--something serious and USCF-rated.  Score keeping is encouraged, but optional.  We play one round per week G/24 5sec.  Pairings will be based loosely on Swiss System rules, but with TD discretion for modifications to enhance everyone's playing experience.  Entry is FREE; $1.00 donations are accepted to help cover our rating expenses.  That's $1.00 per tournament, not per round--a completely voluntary system.  Action usually starts around 7:30pm, please call or email in advance since we sometimes start early. 

A further explanation about tournament director modifications on the pairings.  Since there are no prizes, the goal of having decent pairings will take precedence over the goal of achieving a clear winner.  If a 2000 rated player shows up with no points, strict Swiss pairing may have them play a 1300.  I would intervene, and try to pair them with someone 1800-up.  Also, every effort will be made to avoid pairing people who ride in together. 

Whether it's The Ricochet, or The Quick Study, there's rated chess in Asheboro every Tuesday!  Join us!  If you are running last minute, be sure to call me (336) 460-6882. 


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Asheboro Chess Club is currently celebrating sixteen years of chess memories.  Conveniently located in the center of North Carolina, we meet weekly at the Asheboro Public Library.  Players of all ages and strengths are welcome.  Our ultimate goal is to serve as a conduit into rated chess activity.  We believe that rated chess is the backbone of a strong chess community.

In keeping with this goal, we sponsor The Asheboro Open, a monthly USCF rated tournament that draws players from across the state and beyond.  Area players also enjoy our popular Tuesday Night Tournaments series, featuring The Ricochet--five quick rounds of rated Game/7/3 excitement.

Asheboro Chess Club has a team of dedicated tournament directors, teachers, and volunteers who work tirelessly to bring you the Complete Chess Experience.  For more information, simply click one of the handy links above. 


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